About us


Increasing the capacity of adults to participate fully in the community through opportunities to acquire new skills.

What do we do?

  • We offer small group instruction in a classroom setting
  • Services are free and confidential to adults 19 years and older
  • You may start our program at any time
  • Learner centered, goal directed, self paced, supportive learning

Our Values:

  • Respect
  • Caring
  • The Importance and Value of Learning
  • Sensitivity

Our Funders:

The balance of funding is obtained through donations from service clubs, private donors, fundraising events and other sources. See the events page for more details.

What can you do to help?

Literacy is everyone’s business.

As an individual you can improve literacy by:

  • Being a lifelong learner
  • Encouraging others to be lifelong learners
  • Reading with your child
  • Volunteering with a literacy program
  • Making a donation
  • Speaking out for literacy

As an employer you can improve literacy by:

  • Giving your employees information about learning opportunities
  • Donating equipment or in-kind services
  • Ensuring that your forms and paperwork use plain language
  • Consider volunteering
  • Becoming an advocate for literacy within your organization

Make a donation to the Haldimand-Norfolk Literacy Council


Board of Directors

Nancy Huffman


Charlie Luke

Eric Thomson

Mishelle Dreier


Peter Krause

Justine Lyons

David Suess

Jeremy Marks


Executive Director
Anita Hillis-Krause

Interim Norfolk Coordinator
Jessica Moir

Norfolk Instructor
Jan Green

Haldimand Coordinator
Gina McIntee

Haldimand Instructors
Anne Davidson
Frances Porter

London Coordinator

Vi Vo

London Instructors

Herta Taylor

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