Norfolk News – Learning to Read and Write is Magic

On Friday, volunteers from Imperial Oil participated in a Day of Caring event at the Haldimand-Norfolk Literacy Council.

Volunteers worked hard to paint the classroom a beautiful blue to create an inspiring atmosphere for students.

HNLC provides literacy education to individuals who are seeking to improve their employment and education opportunities.

A recent participant of the program stated, “I can read and write now and it is magic! Also, ever since I learned how to read and write, I now dream in colour.”

HNLC changed the life of a young woman, who wrote:

“I dropped out of high school when I was 16. I couldn’t seem to hold my attention there long enough to get my Grade 12. I think part of it has to do with losing my mom, I still haven’t fully gotten over it and it took my motivation away completely for years.

“Then I had my son and my whole world changed. All I wanted was to show him that you can fix your mistakes and make something out of yourself, even if you have failed the first few times. I hope he knows when he’s older how hard I worked to show him how much he means to me.

“Anything new can be difficult at first, but everyone at HNLC made it easier for sure. I came here to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are and work on them both until I’m confident enough in myself to take the GED test.

“Since November when I got here, I have become more organized and productive in both school and my personal life. It was nice to be able to be myself and enjoy who I really am: a smart and awesome girl who wants to fix her mistake of dropping out of school.

“I was sure it would take me two or more years to get myself ready for the GED test, but I’m hoping to take it in October. Not even one year has passed and HNLC has prepared me to write the GED. I definitely think that deserves a round of applause!“Well done, HNLC, you guys are the best!”

Contirbuted by – Brittany Burley – United Way HN


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